Project News and Updates

  • The project kicked off in July 2017 with an article on 5 reasons we need to look at the mediation of childbirth.
  • The project was discussed on Sprogcast – a podcast supported by Pinter & Martin on pregnancy and birth. The link is available here.
  • Fieldwork for the project will happen over August – November 2016.
  • A number of professionals from healthcare and charity organisations are taking part in this project over the autumn of 2016.
  • I will discuss the project in an interview with Sprogcast in October 2016.
  • Very initial outcomes of fieldwork will be discussed at the Leicester Sunday Assembly in December 2016.
  • Birth Stories got a book contract in October 2017. It is due out with Routledge in summer 2018.

More news will be added as the project progresses, so watch this space!